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2004 Spanish National Championships

December 12-14, 2003, Madrid/ESP

Final results

Novice Ladies

Fi. Name
1 Sonia Lafuente
2 Ester Magan
3 Judith Piera
4 Ines Ortiz
5 Patricia Lafuente
6 Patricia Garcia
7 Gloria Gallego
8 Mª del Mar Delgado
9 Irene Aguilar
10 Carla Cano

Novice Men

Fi. Name
1 Manuel Legaz
2 Javier Fernández
3 Javier Raya
4 Ion Susaeta

Junior Ladies

Fi. Name
1 Laura Fernández
2 Inmaculada Robledo
3 Jennifer Tena
4 Liana Jimenez
5 Carolina García
6 Miriam Planells

Junior Men

Fi. Name
1 Juan Legaz
2 Yediel Canton
3 Marc Gironella
4 Edgar Escuer
5 Javier Margaret

Senior Ladies

Fi. Name
1 Meritxel Baraut

Senior Men

Fi. Name
1 Yon García


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